Home, James


It takes more than a passport to feel at home.

Everyone else in thirteen-year-old James’ family is thrilled to be moving back to the USA, but James doesn’t see why their wonderful life in China needs to end. Even though his passport says he’s American, James feels like he’s arrived in a foreign country. He’s sure eighth grade in this new place will be a disaster. With mysteries like cheese knives, drama llamas, and the Pledge of Allegiance, will Missoula, Montana ever feel like home?

Readers are saying:

“Home, James isn’t just a book about a middler schooler who feels like an outsider because he’s lived most of his life in a different country. It’s a book about every middle schooler who’s ever felt like an outsider. And that’s pretty much all of us… Excellent debut by Emily Steele Jackson. ★★★★★”

“It was captivating. I didn’t want to stop reading. ★★★★★”

“Ever moved? Whether you have moved across town or to a new town, to a different state or another country, the feeling of leaving part of yourself behind seems to be universal. Home, James weaves that theme into an entertaining story. ★★★★★”

“This is simply a fun book! ★★★★★”

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