See Ya Later, Allie Rader – Launch Team Sign-up

I’m looking for some enthusiastic fans to be cheerleaders for my upcoming book, SEE YA LATER, ALLIE RADER! Those who join the Launch Team will get an early release copy of the book, have their names listed in the Acknowledgements of the book, and have extra chances to win swag and prizes. Launch Team members will help behind the scenes and are in charge of shouting from the rooftops that this book is awesome and you should totally buy it! Being part of the Launch Team is a ton of fun, so I hope you join the party.

What the book’s about:

Allie Rader is an American girl who’s about to spend her seventh grade year in Bangkok. She tries to like life in Thailand, but things get off to a bad start. Soon, she’s just counting the days – literally – until she can return to her normal life back in the suburbs of Chicago, where everyone speaks English, school lunch doesn’t have fish sauce, and monkeys don’t threaten field trips. She’s sure it’s going to be a rough year. Luckily for Allie, three new friends at the international school take her under their wings to show her the upsides to Bangkok and expat life. Funny and heartwarming, SEE YA LATER, ALLIE RADER… part of your job as a Launch Team member will be to help finish and improve this blurb!

What you’ll do when:

READ August – September

Read the free Advanced Reader Copy of SEE YA LATER, ALLIE RADER. Write a short (2-3 sentence long) review for Amazon and Goodreads.

HELP July – September

Brainstorm and vote for behind-the-scenes things like swag, book blurb, blog tour ideas, and launch party activities.

POST September

Spread the word about the book by sharing posts during the cover reveal, blog tour, and Launch Day.

CELEBRATE Launch Day, September 26, 2020

Time to party! Bring friends along to the virtual Launch Party on Launch Day!

What you’ll need:

  • Facebook account – we’ll be using a secret Facebook group to run the Launch Team
  • Other social media – the more accounts you’re active on, the better!
  • Enthusiasm, creativity, willingness to help

Ready to join the Launch Team? Fill out the form below, and welcome aboard!