Home, James

It takes more than a passport

to feel at home.

Everyone else in thirteen-year-old James’ family is thrilled to be moving back to the USA, but James doesn’t see why their wonderful life in China needs to end. Even though his passport says he’s American, James feels like he’s arrived in a foreign country. He’s sure eighth grade in this new place will be a disaster. With mysteries like cheese knives, drama llamas, and the Pledge of Allegiance, will Missoula, Montana ever feel like home?

Reviews and Recommendations

“I don’t think I was prepared to laugh out loud and to cry my way through the pages as 13-year-old James discovers this foreign country that is supposed to feel like home.” – Third Culture Mama

“Don’t transitions make us all feel like junior highers if we are honest? I saw myself in James, especially when it comes to the ‘rules’ for making friends in America.” – A Life Overseas

“Home, James is a book about the messy, imperfect process of finding ourselves in a place, asking the broader questions of what makes a place ‘home,’ and how to rebuild a life on the other side of the world.” – China Source

“I have had some real belly laughs in the descriptions of American culture. I feel like I’m understanding my own complicated cultural identity with this book.” – China Family Blog

List of Third Culture Kid Resources – FAUSA.org

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