NEW BOOK: See Ya Later, Allie Rader

That little alligator is my favorite part!

So, what’s SEE YA LATER, ALLIE RADER about?

Allie Rader can’t wait to spend seventh grade in Bangkok, Thailand. She’s excited to explore the wonders of a new country even though it means being apart from her best friend for a whole year. But adjusting to a different culture turns out to be much harder than Allie expected. Everything keeps going wrong and Allie fears she’ll never be happy in Thailand. Soon, she’s simply counting the days – literally – until she can return to her normal life back in the suburbs of Chicago, where everyone speaks English, school lunch doesn’t have fish sauce, and monkeys don’t threaten field trips.

Luckily for Allie, three new friends at the international school make it their mission to help her find the bright side of life in Bangkok. Funny and heartwarming, SEE YA LATER, ALLIE RADER is a story about leaning on friends in the face of change.

What are readers saying about SEE YA LATER, ALLIE RADER?

“It is heartwarming, funny, and keeps you wondering what is next for Allie in Thailand.”

“This is a great book for young people who are going through transition! It gives great insight into the stages of cultural transition and the emotions that go along with those stages for those who are experiencing a new culture.”

“Great for kids and adults!”

“I loved the personalities of the characters and how it shows the real difficulties of living in a foreign country.”

“Leaves you wanting to read more.”

Will all my book titles have a comma in them?

Tempting. Very tempting.

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