FREE Activity Packet!

Here’s another quarantine gift from me to you!

Download this FREE Activity Packet to be used with Home, James. It includes 13 fun activities based on the book, like re-creating the artwork that James–OOPS! That would be a spoiler. Never mind.

Once you’ve got the packet, see how that last activity is writing to the author? Please do that, okay? ‘Cuz I’m stuck at home, too, recovering from COVID-19, and it would totally make my day to hear from you. (Please get a parent’s permission before you download anything from the Internet AND before you email anyone, even nice authors.)

Don’t have the book? Get it at Amazon.

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  1. Rose M Hunter said:

    I’m proud of you, Emily! It’s a wonderful book and I know it came from your heart.

    April 10, 2020

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